AceScribe Software

AceScribe is an innovative policies, procedures and document creation system. It is conceptualized, designed and developed by industry experts with deep understanding of the policies and procedures management and related compliance challenges.

AceScribe merges standardization, optimization and efficiency with latest digital technology to offer advanced document creation and storage capability.

AceScribe is easy to deploy and is available in both cloud and on-premise versions to suit your organization’s priorities.

  • Core Features


    1. Standardization is the key when it comes to creating professional looking documents. AceScribe’s proprietary Library System allows you to create titles, department names, document owner, glossary libraries and ensure consistent terminology is mandated across documents.


    1. AceScribe works the way you do, letting you decide what works best as you design and create your documents.
    2. AceScribe allows you to define the approval workflow for each type of template as per your organization’s specific needs.
    3. Choose whether to have all approvals automated or use ‘manual’ approval option just in case any level of approval is not through the system. The system allows for incorporation of scanned documents into the approval workflow as audit trail.
    4. AceScribe is designed to work in a highly customized environment without compromising on simplicity or ease of use.

    AceScribe’s unique Template Model

    AceScribe’s Template Model allows you to design your policies and procedures to mirror your organization’s standards. This highly customizable feature gives you complete control over your documents throughout their life cycle.

    1. Customize Template uniquely to suit your organizational hierarchy and preferences
    2. Select for single or multiple Document Creators and allow for Publishing
    3. Allow creation of sections or restrict at a Template level
    4. Standardize at all levels including Fonts, Sections, and Document Map etc.
    5. Multi–level Review and Approval process to suit all types of organizational hierarchies
    6. Provision for Manual Approval process
    7. Complete Audit Trail and review history
    8. Some events that are tracked include template creation, review, approval and publishing of documents, delegation set-up etc.
  • Automate your Review / Approval workflow

    1. Centralized system for Creation, Review and Approval process. AceScribe’s automated workflow module guides the documents through Review and Approval process providing efficiency while maintaining details.
    2. All Comments from Review and Approval process are time-stamped and stored securely for future reference.
    3. Timelines are defined by Document Creator with an option for email reminders.

    Receive Auto Alerts for everything that needs attention

    1. Status of all documents is tracked and alerts are generated to reduce delays in review / approvals.
    2. Periodic review cycle of policies and procedures is auto-tracked and users are notified before any document is due for renewal as per review cycle pre-defined in the system.
    3. Reviewers / approvers receive email notification for pending documents.
    4. Receive Alert if review / approval is not done on time, send email reminders to reviewers / approvers.


    1. Notification module keeps you constantly updated on every action taking place in the system.
    2. Some events that are tracked include new template creation, review, approval and publishing of documents, delegation set-up etc.

    Read Verification

    1. Comply with your Internal Audit, PCI DSS, AML and various other regulatory requirements that are linked to policies and procedures using AceScribe’s Read Verify feature. You may select a group or all employees of the organization who should read the published policies and procedures and confirm the same electronically. Information is stored within the system and may be extracted anytime in the form of “Read Verify Report”. You will have the option to Re-Read Verify any policy or procedure document as per your requirement.
  • Powerful Search Engine

    AceScribe stores important information related to documents such as name, department, owner, date of creation, date of approval and publishing etc. in an indexed and easily searchable manner. This allows for real-time information access for teams. Hence proving more powerful and robust than regular document management systems.

  • Complete Control over User Access management

    Secure, user based access management ensures that data and functions are only accessible and available based on the role and authorization each user is assigned.

    Seamless Integration and easy deployment

    1. AceScribe is built to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Email Servers.
    2. This allows for greater security and granular control of functions and user access.
    3. This also makes AceScribe as secure as your network
    4. A secure cloud version is available which may be implemented in virtually no time at all.
  • Multiple users work on one document

    This feature allows multiple creators to work on one document. Team members from various departments can be given the option to document their steps within the same procedure.

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    Reporting Made Easy

    Detailed reporting on various types of documents is easily available with the use of variety of standard reports providing complete information on content.

  • Central Dashboards

    AceScribe’s advanced analytical dashboards are aimed at providing real-time status and driving improvement in the overall business function.

    Continuous monitoring and incremental changes leads to significant improvement in the business performance of your organization.